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Do you want to understand your data better? Do you want to get greater insight to see opportunities and problems?

If you have any data with a location element, we can turn it into an interactive living world model to allow full exploration and discovery of new things in your data. 

enter the 4th dimension

We use our unique technology to ‘inflate’ the world into 3D – in fact 4D including a controllable timeline - to model how your data points exist in space and time and how they interact with other things around them.

visualise complexity

Instead of performing complex queries to understand data, you can literally ‘see’ where your data fits in and how it interacts with the properties of the world.. Nothing beats having a unified tangible model of your data to inspect and interact with.

modelling reality

We can turn your data into digital objects with properties and static or dynamic location e.g. if you have building or vehicle data we process it and place data entities in the world model to allow rapid understanding.

vast world database

Our constantly evolving 'Core World Data Service' provides a hugely detailed world as a substrate into which your data is added.