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About Us


Our vision is a future where we can all fully understand and leverage the unimaginably huge and complex sea of geodata generated by human activity - a sea that is growing everyday through activities such as geolocated smartphones, self-driving cars, microsatellites and the Internet of Things.

Understanding where things are in relation to other things, and the properties of the world around them, is critical to enabling and optimising many emerging technologies. We believe that this understanding can only be achieved by creating a shared, deeply intuitive, interactive, immersive model of earth (and beyond).

Our mission is to rebuild the world digitally in extreme living detail, evolving from second-to-second, fusing all physical and abstract digital data into one entity. 


Dr Jonathan Ball

Co-founder & CEO
Jon is a GIS expert with a focus on Big-Data analysis, web-mapping and 3D landscape visualisation. He was previously Manager of GIS for Realtime Worlds Inc. and Enertrag UK as well as Manager of commercial GIS consultancy for The Macaulay Institute. He also founded MappaGnosis, a GIS consultancy

Jonathan Hughes

Co-founder, Non-exec Director
Jonathan is a digital systems designer, and has created key IP for companies as diverse as Skyscanner, Microsoft and the NHS. He is an Honorary Fellow of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.

Nick Hesketh

Technical Lead
Nick has a wealth of experience in developing software for a wide range of applications, including high-profile videogames. He previously led teams at Crytek, helping to create the cutting-edge game engine Cryengine

Mike Engstrom

Creative Lead
Mike has been Lead Artist at Marvel Entertainment (USA), Blue Isle Studios (Canada), Perception (Australia), Rage Games (UK), Bisbog (UK) and Juice Games (UK) and has extensive experience of a wide range of projects, including major AAA successes and is a highly gifted fine artist.

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